Multi Use Communities

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North-End Square- 28 townhomes, 21 single family, retail, Charlotte
This project will be located in the Greenville community next to the northwest boundary of Center City. The Brookshire Freeway (I-277) divides Fourth Ward and Greenville. This urban renewal community experienced redevelopment waves in the 1970s and 1990s. Further redevelopment transformed a dilapidated Charlotte Housing Authority community into the Oak Park community via a Hope VI grant from HUD in early 2000’s.
Northend Square will feature 10,000 square feet of retail that is being developed by The Providence Group of the Carolinas. The Drakeford Company will develop the 60 +/- residential component incorporating urban design features. Two and three bedroom town homes are proposed starting at 1,350 square feet.
This development will also serve as a gateway to the Statesville Avenue corridor where the City of Charlotte has invested more than $20 million dollars into infra-structure and housing improvements. It will also mark the first non-public sponsored development of scale in this area.


M Street, 74 units, First Ward, Charlotte
This Center City project was designed to create an urban streetscape. Because of its location at the prominent First Ward intersection of McDowell and Seventh Streets, this project was considered a Center City gateway. M Street was designed and co-developed by David Furman, a renowned and nationally recognized designer of urban housing throughout the southeast.
First Ward is an urban renewal community where the initial redevelopment occurred in the early 1970s. The late 1990 wave of development included all housing types and mixed-income households, replacing the much of the 1970’s construction. M Street extended this development to the boundaries of this community, while achieving the highest average unit square footages of the large scale Center City condominium projects at that time.