Multi Use Communities

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North-End Square- Residential and Retail, Greenville Community
Located one mile north of the Center City, the lies between the Avid-X-Change Music Factory and the Camp North End project on Statesville Ave. in the Greenville community.  Nearly 1,000 persons are employed at Avid-X-Change and Camp North End is being marketed and a technology campus that can accommodate thousands of employees.   Greenville is an urban renewal community that experienced redevelopment waves in the 1970s and 1990s.  Further redevelopment transformed a nearby dilapidated Charlotte Housing Authority community into the Oak Park community via a Hope VI grant from HUD in early 2000’s.

 Northend Square will feature 12,000 square feet of retail that is being developed by The Providence Group of the Carolinas. The Drakeford Company will develop the 60 +/- residential component incorporating urban design features.  This development will another significant component of the Statesville Ave. corridor redevelopment that houses the Brightwalk Community, the Charlotte Fire Department Headquarters, and the planned, 300 employee City Joint Communications Headquarters.  


M Street, Residential and Office, Center City Charlotte
This project expanded the borders of the Center City to I-277 when it was developed in 2007.  It was designed to create an urban streetscape at the prominent First Ward intersection of McDowell and Seventh Streets, which is considered a Center City gateway. First Ward is an urban renewal community where the initial redevelopment occurred in the early 1970s. The late 1990 wave of development included all housing types and mixed-income households, replacing the much of the 1970’s construction. M Street was comprised of three commercial units and 71 residential units.  Only two units were not sold at its completion.  It achieved the highest average unit square footages of the large scale Center City condominium projects at that time.