The Drakeford Company is a leader in residential redevelopment of Charlotte’s urban core. During the last decade, Saussy Burbank has worked with TDC on three urban subdivision as a fee builder and a lot purchaser. Each project outperformed market conditions.

TDC is currently acquiring lots for Saussy Burbank in emerging urban communities that are allowing Saussy Burbank to deliver less costly housing. TDC is adept in this arena and affordable housing as well. We look forward to continuing to work with TDC in a variety of capacities.
— Jim Burbank, CEO Saussy Burbank
The Drakeford Company has been instrumental in our investment into Plaza Mid-wood and the Central Ave. renaissance. Bobby has played an instrumental role in our plans to develop small to medium sized multi-family communities in the neighborhood. Their land acquisition services sourced our initial community, The Julien. This 103-unit community is fully leased at the highest rental rates in the area.

The Central Ave. corridor is important to this City and the Levine Family. In fact, our families initial entrepreneurial efforts began on Central Ave. in the 1950s. With the help of The Drakeford Company, the Levine Family commitment to this corridor will continue for another 50 years.

We are pleased to have partnered with TDC and look forward to expanding our relationship.
— Daniel Levine, President Levine Properties
The Drakeford Company provided brokerage service for the 400-unit, NWR Holly Crest community in Huntersville, NC. the Huntersville township borders Charlotte. Its zoning code is based upon the principles of traditional town planning and quality urban design. Limited opportunities for multifamily development are allowed under their ordinance.

Holly Crest was owned by inner-generational members that occupied the property. Nearby development had caused them to consider selling their property for nearly a decade. TDC had corresponded with them through this period. Because of this relationship, the family contacted TDC when they were ready to sell.

Holly Crest has recorded the highest rents and occupancy in Huntersville. This is due to its walkability and high design standards. TDC played an integral role in this project.
— David Ravin, CEO Northwood Ravin
Starting in 1881 as a small plumbing company in Portland, Oregon to become both one of the largest civil construction contractors and one of hte largest homebuilders in the country, the J.F. Shea Co., Inc. prides itself on its history, its family and its people. Our North Carolina division opened in 1994 and has become one of the most established builders in this market.

Like our other offices, the Charlotte focus has been suburban communities. However, the national shift towards urban housing within walkable communities has recently become a company focus. Charlott’s strategic public amenities and investments are key factors that are helping drive this demand. The Drakeford Company has demonstrated a keen awareness of the attributes homebuyers desire. This has allowed them to identify sites that are ideal for Shea Homes. We enjoy working with Bobby and his staff they are very responsive if we need anything and they have proven to be instrumental in rezoning and entitling sites for us.

TDC has delivered developed lots and sites for Shea to acquire. Shea looks forward to a long and productive relationship with the Drakeford Company.
— Mike Shea, CEO Shea Homes
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